The Band

LIGHTFOLD is a progressive/power metal band from Athens, Greece. Thanasis Labrakis and Theodor Martinis formed the band in the middle of 2012.

The lineup, when first signed to Metal Breed Records in 2013, released in April 2014, their debut, full length album “Time to Believe”, consisting of vocalist Theodor Martinis, rhythm/lead guitarist Thanasis Labrakis, Synth/Pianist Harry Polimeneas, bassist Panagiotis Vavvas and drummer Eleni Nota.

From 2014 to 2016 the band participated in many Greek festivals in Athens and Thessaloniki, including Wreck Athens Fest, Under the Quarry Fest, Wreck Macedonia Fest, etc.

The band’s membership has changed several times over the years, with Thanasis Labrakis & Harry Polimeneas being the only two constant members since the beginning.

The new lineup is:

Martin Deathwalker: Vocals

Labrakis: Rhythm & Lead guitars

Diogenes Vile: Bass

Harry: Synths/Piano

LIGHTFOLD has recently finished their new, full length concept album called “Deathwalkers” at CFN Recordings Studio with Dionisis Christodoulatos as sound engineer. Their second album is their first attempt of to create a story that life and death have meanings far greater than we can imagine. For this album Lightfold recruited their “Choir of Demonic Angels”, a real female choir, for 6 tracks of the album, consisting of the haunting voices of Margarita Papadimitriou, Christina Alexiou & Sofia Karvouna.

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