Between the lines media – album review

Pitch Black records have shown in the past that they like power metal and this is no different. So from the get go I could hear that this a well produced album. Nothing is to overbearing or hard to hear. Sound quality is clear and doesn’t make the listener have to try very hard to to enjoy the record. Vocalist Martin Deathwalker, really delivers quite the performance on this album. Hitting on both sides of the bands genre. His Progressive vocals fit the music like a glove. His voice flows and weaves in and out with the music. He is able to tell a story with his vocals. Also able to hit soaring notes as one would expect with power metal. The addition of backing vocals were a nice touch too. Beautiful choir sounds fill the background with this lovely melody. Both lead and rhythm guitar is handled by Thanasis Labrakis and man does he show off on this record. Melody is key with power metal, so naturally the guitars are supposed to help keep that sound afloat. Something the guitars do and then some here. Spiraling solos blanket the album and don’t let up. Nonstop rhythm and a constant up tempo sound is very clear throughout. Using snap one and off like riffs to transition between different sounds. When keyboards are incorporated into metal, it is either a hit or slight miss. This is a huge hit. Adding that little bit extra in the background and making the rest of the music sound excellent.But not to much so that the listener will get sick of. Drums were by far my favorite part of the entire album. Sound quality was stellar with the performance. Usage of every single inch of the kit is loud and clear. Cymbal use is quite good. Felt like I didn’t even hear the same cymbal more then once. Double bass keeps the power part of power metal rolling. But also able to stop and play a slower tempo beat at a moments notice.

The one big thing that kind of bummed out was the fact that most of the songs sounded similar to the first. The first 3 songs all start off with this very slow tempo guitar and drums and then get going after a good thirty plus seconds. Kind of took me out of it. It wasn’t until “The Collector” when the music began to pick up and lay down the heavy. Probably the best keys performance on the album takes place here. “Angel of the Earth” brings in vocalist, Margarita Papadimitriou, and delivers one hell of a duo performance. Adding a little something to the record. Overall the band embraces the power aspect a bit more then the proggy side. Teases the listener at times. The one thing I applaud Lightfold for on this album is they are able to keep that sound going. Does get a bit dry after a while but still enough to keep my attention.

I enjoyed this album overall. But there was something missing at times. The up tempo melody was done perfectly. The splashes of proggy goodness was well implemented and very much appreciated. Will it get the fans headbanging? Some will do that and others may just bob their heads like I was. It is a relaxing listen and that isn’t a bad thing. It took 5 years for Lightfold to give us a new album and I do believe it was time well spent. Will fans of the more brutal side like this record? Probably not. But fans of melody and straight out power will dig the hell out of it.

Rating- 8.5 out of 10

Strongest Song- The Collector


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